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Why is everyone who drives slower than me an idiot, and everyone who drives faster a maniac?



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15 December 2006

*      I updated my R’s fuel consumption data for 2006.  Previous years can be found in R32 information.



3 December 2006

*      I uploaded some dyno sheets (taken from EIP) showing the improvement in wheel hp and torque provided by their R32 ECU upgrade and cold air intake system, compared to stock.

*      FYI, I don’t have the dyno, but the flapper mod has been reported to give + 5 hp. :o)



25 November 2006

*      I found and uploaded two reviews of the 2004 VW Golf R32.  One is from Australia ( and the other from  Follow the R32 reviews link for these articles, and others.



24 November 2006

*      I topped-up my power steering fluid, today.  Click here for more information.



23 November 2006—Happy Thanksgiving!

*      Due to overwhelming spam, I’ve changed my e-mail address.  Stupid bots.  My new e-mail is comments AT  Hopefully, removing the hyperlink and writing the address without the “@” symbol will help.



11 November 2006

*      Beautiful weather, clean and freshly waxed R—what better way to enjoy the day than to take an extended cruise?  Destination: Skyline Drive, Virginia.



31 October 2006—Happy Hallowe’en!

*      I updated the R’s fuel consumption data.  As always, information for previous years can be found in R32 information.



20 October 2006

*      I guess it was only a matter of time, but two of my valve stem caps were stolen.  It’s not the first time, and probably not the last.  :o(   At first I thought it was my remaining two .:R-line caps that were taken, but no, I still have one left.  Ugh.



8 October 2006

*      A mildly mortifying battery update.



28 September 2006

*      I updated the R’s fuel consumption data.  Break out the champagne! 

*      Green-top ECT sensor update. 



8 September 2006

*      Updated the R’s fuel consumption data.  Data for previous years can be found in R32 information.



3 September 2006

*      Nothing too spectacular with this update.  I visited the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center and was mightily impressed with how much parking they had. :o)  Even while inside the Center, I was still able to check up on my R's welfare.



30 August 2006

*      It’s always a pleasant surprise when I find another Golf IV R32 review.  This article is from Automotive Trends and can be found in R32 reviews.



27 August 2006

*      Updated my personal fuel consumption.  Fuel data for previous years can be found on R32 information.

*      Waaaay back in November 2004 I purchased a VW mobile phone holder.  I guess it was about time I uploaded it here, eh?



17 August 2006

*      Yesterday I had to have the R’s battery replaced.  Follow the link to check out my ordeal.



12 August 2006

*      Updated some general information on the R32: follow the .:R  :o)



10 August 2006

*      I’ve uploaded the wheel alignment specifications for the 2004 R32.  The permanent link is under R32 maintenance.



6 August 2006

*      Last weekend I decided to re-wax.  I was reminded once again just how easy Glanz Wax is to apply.  Follow the link for pictures.

*      After washing and waxing on Sunday morning, I went out looking for a location where I could test my rev limiter—the R was re-flashed a couple weeks ago—without the noise bothering anyone.  I decided to take some pictures while I was there.  



29 July 2006

*      Yesterday I stopped by Pro-Imports to have them check for codes—as a follow up to last week.  Good news—the R had a clean bill of health :o)

*      Last weekend I had the R re-flashed at EIP Tuning. 

*      I’d noticed that occasionally at cold-starts the engine would stay at 1200 rpms instead of dropping back to 600-700 rpms within a half second or so.  I also thought that as I down-shifted into 3rd the throttle was less responsive when I blipped it in neutral.  I’d had the cold-start update from EIP Tuning last year, but I stopped by to have them take a look last Saturday.

*      EIP Tuning told me that the R should actually be staying at 1200 rpms for about 20 seconds before dropping back down… say what?

*      So far I’m impressed with how much merely replacing the engine coolant temperature sensor has improved performance.  It’s still too early to say for certain, but I think my mileage has also improved by roughly 2-3 mpg… maybe even 4 mpg.

*      I updated my fuel consumption data for 2006.  Data for previous years can be found on R32 information.

*      This morning someone asked me about my R.  He wanted to know if it was a Rabbit (fyi, the Rabbit is VW’s reiteration of the Golf on a MkV platform).  I attempted to explain the differences but I left with the impression it didn’t get through to him—he seemed fairly stuck on Rabbits.  He also wanted to know if I’d imported my R or purchased it domestically.  I explained to him that, yes, the R was sold in the U.S., but that only used MkIV R32s are currently available.



20 July 2006

*      Updated Favourite links.



19 July 2006

*      As I said in my previous update, on Saturday I had a MIL come on so I made an appointment at Pro-Imports for today.  Just my luck, the MIL disappeared yesterday evening.  I had Pro-Imports check for codes, anyway, and I had four faults, all of them having to do with cylinders misfiring (cylinders 1, 2, and 3).  They cleared the codes, and recommended I drive the R for a week and then bring it back in to see if any new codes come up.

*      Since I was already having the R looked at, I decided to have my engine coolant temperature sensor replaced as a preventative measure—one of the TSBs for the R32 pertains to this.  Click the link for details and pics.



16 July 2006

*      On the upside, this weekend I replaced my driver’s side ceiling grab handle with a VW OEM sunglass holder.  It’s a straight swap, but as it’s not offered in black I had to paint it myself.  Click the link for more details.

*      On the downside, my R32 came down with the MIL, also known as the dreaded check-engine light.  Wangos!  Tomorrow morning I’m going to have to make an appointment to have it diagnosed.



8 July 2006

*      Yesterday, a 2004 VW Golf R32 (Reflex silver—a great casting choice, by the way) had a significant cameo on one of my favourite television shows, Monk.  It was the season premiere, titled Mr. Monk and the Actor, and aired at 9pm EST on USA Network.  It’s actually being re-aired as I type this, from 5:30pm-6:30pm (EST).  The R32 shows up near the end of the episode when the villain is handcuffed to the passenger door handle.  I hope they didn’t scratch up the paint ;o) 

*      In case you missed it, the next time it’s showing is tomorrow, Sunday, 9 July 2006 at 12pm (EST).  If that’s not enough for you, the full schedule of additional show-times can be found at the official Monk website. 

*      I really wish I had some way of getting a screen-capture to post it.  Oh well.  I guess you’ll have to make do with these, these, and maybe some of these, too :o)



24 June 2006

*      A couple weeks ago I decided that I should have cleaned my exhaust tips a long time ago.  Check out Wash & Wax for details and preliminary results.

*      Added links to Einszett and Open Road Motoring Accessories to Favourite links.

*      In R32 maintenance I added the instructions I followed to correctly aim my HIDs.



17 June 2006

*      Not much new that’s R32-related this week, but I’ve updated my fuel consumption data for 2006.

*      I also gave this site a new look.  Hope you like it!



5 June 2006

*      It occurred to me that all of my recent shots of the R were taken with the R in the shade (to get reflection pictures).  To remedy this I took a few pics in the sun :o)

*      For those who wanted but missed out on getting a R32, it looks fairly certain that North America will be getting the Golf V R32 in July 2007: 250hp, 3.2L VR6, 3-doors, with DSG only.  You can look here for more details.



27 May 2006

*      This morning I tried out Einszett’s Metallic Polish Wax and Glanz Wax.  Results and my impressions are here.



24 May 2006

*      I downloaded the TSBs for the 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 from the NHTSA.  Right now there are only four and I’m keeping this information under R32 maintenance. 

*      Updated Favourite links.



20 May 2006

*      Earlier this year I bought the Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash for the times I simply wanted to rinse off salt or pollen without having to do a full wash and dry.  I was lead to make this purchase because I had hard, visual evidence that water-spots are darned ugly.  There’s no way I’m hand-drying a dirty car!  Anywhoo, I bought it just for the hard-water filter—I’ve no intention of ever using the special soap.  The filter certainly worked, but be forewarned:  the water pressure with the filter is fairly feeble.



14 May 2006—Happy Mothers’ Day!

*      I bought some billet aluminum upper dash vents at the R32 GTG, yesterday.  I installed them today and took some pictures.  These billet vent covers are sold in pairs by EIP Tuning.



13 May 2006

*      The 2nd East Coast R32 GTG is today and tomorrow.  Check out Events and GTGs for pictures and notes.

*      Today I uploaded the R’s maintenance schedule from VWoA.  My next service is at 30k miles, with a Haldex oil and filter every 40k.  I’m going to have my Haldex oil changed at 30k, though—according to this article from Driver Gear magazine (published March 2004) the Haldex oil should be changed every 20k, and the Haldex filter every 40k.  This info is going in R32 maintenance under R32 information.

*      My 20k service was in March, and I went to Pro-Imports because I’m not going to a dealership again except for warranty work.  I’d been to Pro-Imports previously to get some things done, and I’ve always been happy with their service and work.  Well, one of my Lexan headlight covers was cracked, but that could have happened to anyone, and it’s still useable.

*      I didn’t realize it at the time, but my coilovers were installed on the eve of the 2nd anniversary of happy R-ownership :o)  Talk about a great birthday present, eh?



10 May 2006

*      On Sunday I washed the R and afterwards put on some Blackfire Deep Gloss Spray.  Check out Blackfire results for pics and my overall impressions, to date.

*      Earlier this month I took a few pictures after washing the R.

*      Another 2004 R32 review, this time in Ride & Drive, posted October 2004.



2 May 2006

*      I found another review of the 2004 R32, published in the Austin American-Statesman (June 2004).  If you don’t feel like searching through the entire list of R32 articles, click here.

*      Yesterday, I put a 4th coat of Blackfire’s Wet Diamond AFPP on the R.  That’s probably going to be it for this spring/summer.  In the autumn I might add another coat to prep for winter.

*      FYI, next weekend is the 2nd East Coast R32 GTG at EIP.



30 April 2006

*      Wow, I found another review of the MkIV R32.  Published in Driving Sports Magazine, the review is here, by Ryan Douthit.  I placed it with all the other R32 articles.

*      I also updated my personal fuel consumption data for 2006.  Check out R32 information for previous years.



29 April 2006

*      Hmmm… well… oh, what the heck.  I took some pictures from the Herbie and Friends tour in May last year.  Better late than never, eh?  Check them out in Events and GTGs.

*      For those interested, here’s a list of visitors by country in March 2006.



23 April 2006

*      Two weeks ago a passenger accidentally snapped off the seat release handle.  Luckily, it’s an easy enough job to replace, and a relatively inexpensive part, to boot.  Check-out my mods and parts page if you’re interested.

*      Recently I’ve noticed that I have a lot of chips on my front bumper.  Ugh.  I guess the paint on the new (though it’s not exactly ‘new’, anymore) bumper isn’t as ‘hard’ as it was on the original.  I finally couldn’t stand the black spots, so I went over them with touch-up paint—now I have silver spots on a silver car [/sigh].  Oh well, I lack the patience to do a proper job of it.



2 April 2006

*      It’s been almost a year since I’d last applied a coat of Klasse SG.  I’m very impressed (and thankful!) for the durability of the Klasse AIO/SG.  Nevertheless, I’d decided to try something different—Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish and Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection.  I think the wetness of the shine is better than the Klasse twins, and I hope the durability will at least be close.  I uploaded a lot of pictures today as evidence of my hard work ;o)  Check out Wash & Wax and Exterior pictures for the pictures.



31 March 2006

*      When I had my cold air intake installed I opted for including the AEM bypass valve.  With the K&N positioned so low, I wanted the added insurance against hydrolock.  I’ve finally uploaded a review of the AEM BPV—the link is found under the description of my CCAI.

*      As a mini-celebration to myself for finishing my R, I decided it was high time I replaced my old GTI monster mats with .:R-line monster mats.

*      Updated Favourite links.

*      I uploaded a couple pics of some of the official VW R32 ads/promos that used to be on the VWoA site.  I placed the links under R32 General Information.



25 March 2006

*      Project complete! 

*      All the performance modifications I wanted for my R32 have now been installed :o)  Hurrah!  When I first purchased this car, I ultimately wanted to get three things: HIDs, upgraded suspension, and a rear sway bar.  Due to fortune (of the good kind!) and a change of mind, I went a little above and beyond that.  In order of installation:

*      EIP short shift and lower rear transmission mount (July 2004)

*      EIP ECU upgrade (April 2005)

*      VW OEM HIDs (May 2005)

*      H&R 21mm RSB (May 2005)

*      EIP CCAI (May 2005)

*      HPA Motorsports SHS coilover suspension (March 2006)--installed Monday this week.  Having driven it for almost a week, now, I don’t know why I was initially hesitant about installing it.  Anywhoo, more information on Parts & Accessories.

Any future modifications will be purely cosmetic :o)

*      On the R32 information page under General Information I’ve included the MkIV fuse list—originally posted on VWvortex—because I found it very useful earlier this week.  I also updated my personal fuel consumption data for this year.

*      This weekend is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC.  Because driving in DC is a chore and pain at anytime, especially this weekend, I found my own cherry trees in a less crowded location.  Check out Exterior pictures.



15 February 2006

*      Last weekend we had a pretty big snow storm.  I took a few pictures after I had some fun :o)  The pictures are in Exterior pictures.  I really need to get an ice scraper.  There’s no way I’d use it on the paint, but glass is fair game.



5 February 2006

*      I updated my fuel consumption data on the R32 information page.  I split them into years: 2004, 2005, and 2006.



30 January 2006

*      Last weekend I replaced all the wiper blades on the R.  For more information on this engrossing and exciting development check out Parts & Accessories.   ;o)



29 January 2006

*      Wow.  It’s been too long since my last update.  That’s what you get for being lazy :o)  I updated some links on Favourite links, including my blog which includes stuff that may or may not be R32 related.

*      There’s another article on R32 reviews from European Car, “My R32 Blues”.

*      I added a picture of my HID beam pattern on Parts & Accessories.

*      Last year, VWoA thoughtfully sent me a decal exempting the R32 from 2-wheel dynos, for obvious reasons.  I had no idea it was missing.  It’s on Parts & Accessories.

*      Some more exterior shots.  Check out Exterior pictures.  Hey, it’s been a while!

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